Things to do in Taormina, Sicily

Things to do in Taormina, Sicily

Things to do in Taormina, Sicily


Taormina is a small town famous for many sights and activities that can make your mood go from ‘how’ to ‘wow’. This place is full of natural bounties as well as architectural splendours. Carrying the remnants of the Greek history, Taormina is a paradise for historians. The Ottoman Empire and roman civilization also deeply influence the picturesque locations of this small town set aptly in the heart of Sicily. But it is not just archaeologists who have a lot on their cards while visiting this place. This place has done the remarkable job of holding onto the past while moving forward hand in hand with the future.
Modernists can have a sigh of relief as they can find a whole new and attractive world of restaurants, places to shop and just roam and pose for some marvelous shots.
Geologists can cheer for they can greet themselves with Monte Tauro which promises a magnificent view of the coastline. The clear sea water is a boon for finding activity under the blue stretches.
One of the renowned most active volcanoes of Europe, Mt. Etna (the largest volcano) also has a fabulous view for nature lovers.The east coast of Ionian Sea has loads to offer on platter for its guests.

Taormina greek Theatre

The things to do in Taormina include a visit to the Greco roman theater.The Greek architecture rebuilt in its present location by the Romans is a definite pick for any tourist. And if you thought that it was a historical adventure, think again and attend a show to get a bite of reality.

Taormina - Isola bella

It is time for a boat ride to Isola Bella. This nature reserve is actually an island but it forms a part of the Taormina journey as it is connected to the southern beach of Taormina by a small finger like stretch of land.

Duomo Taormina

Piazza del Duomo Cathedral is another architectural wonder to excite you. This Renaissance-style church of San Nicola forms the centre of Taormina. The Baroque fountain presents a perfect place to relax.

Trevelyan Gardens Taormina

The Trevelyan Gardens often go unnoticed by the tourists. Rest your senses by visiting these public gardens facing the sea and Mt. Etna or simply rewind yourself by taking a look at the old artillery pieces from WWII.

Corso Umberto Taormina

A shopping and drinking freak, then Corso Umberto is the right place for you. The people watching square with great sea views offers the hustling and bustling main street. The bars and shops are all lined up to give you a cheerful evening.
Regional archaeological museum offers a complete journey into the time frame capturing the immemorial offerings of the Greek and roman empires. It is even built on a historical roman bath site thus making it an essential pick for the trip.
Other good places to visit in and near Taormina are Piazza Vittorio Emanuele, Medieval Quarter, Medieval Castle, Madonna Della Rocca, Giardini-Naxos, Alcantara Gorge, Castelmola and Bar Turrisi.

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