Allow us to share with you JustWith’s philosophy – and why we started JustWith. After working for years on our private villas with a view of making of them perfect holiday rentals, and after experiencing many villa vacations, we decided to follow our passion for travel and to give it a different hint. We rolled up our sleeves and begin to work on a great project. We wanted to become a reliable company that people who want to choose a 5-star holiday in Sicily could count on: from the luxury villa’s choice, to the continuous assistance and information before and after arrival and to the big offer of luxury services once on the spot. That is precisely why we created JustWith, a villas specialists and concierge company.



JustWith is not simply a company: it is a way of life. We’re dynamic and resourceful, putting rhythm in every task. We work together sharing responsibility and energizing and supporting each other. We strongly believe in the concept that quality matters, thus we want only the very best for our guests. We want to make your holiday unique and unforgettable. We want to make the difference.



The JustWith experience begins with our selected collection of the finest, fully-serviced private villas on the island, many of which have been made available exclusively to us by their owners. Next come the efficient and dedicated concierge services ensuring that every wish of our guests become true. Everything will be made both with the warmth of a friendly service and the maximum of competence, safety and privacy. Third is our network of local contacts on hand to create customised art, cultural, natural or gastronomic experiences for our guests, to offer genuine immersion in the sicilian way of life and to offer insights and advice about local life, food and customs.